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Step 4: Stress Test Your Website

The best-laid marketing plans won’t matter if your ecommerce website doesn’t function properly
during clutch times. Start now to fine-tune the mechanics of your website for the holidays.
Here are some of the aspects to consider:

• Site security: Online shoppers want to feel secure shopping with your
business. Make sure your security is up-to-date so that customers’
financial information is safe. Display your privacy policy and any
security credentials, such as PCI compliance, easily viewable on your
site for shoppers to see.
• Load testing: Do some testing now to ensure that your
website can manage traffic surges during busy shopping days or
promotions. If there are problems, it’s better to learn about them
now than on Black Friday.
• Emergency plan: If a site outage does occur, how will you handle
it? Create templates and standardized messages you can post on your
social media accounts or email to customers to keep communication
open during downtime.


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