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Vision is the ability to hear music in the future. Belief is the ability to dance to it now.

Most people who become Business owners in their industry are initially attracted for very specific and personal reasons why they got started. Of course, one of the most common reasons involves money—and all of the wonderful things that money provides. For others, motivation may come from a desire to pursue a rewarding, fulfilling, and fun occupation. Others may be attracted to the time and personal freedom that this business can offer. Others still may want to become associated with a supportive team who contribute to the lives of others with either extraordinary products or a potentially life-changing income opportunity. relate to creating rich value for your prospects.

Writing Your Vision

It’s now time to set aside an hour or two and actually put your vision into words. Your written vision will be most powerful when crafted as an already accomplished scene from a movie depicting your life at some point in time. Write your vision in the first person, present tense. “I am now . . . I now have . . . I am doing . . . I am contributing to . . .” and so on. Avoid writing in terms of negative behavior. Instead of writing “I will no longer be poor,” say “I am abundant and healthy.” Your mind will key in upon the images created, so craft these images to your advantage. Include in your vision as many sensual references as possible. What are you feeling emotionally? What sights, smells, and sounds are present in the scene you are depicting? What are others who play an important role in your vision, saying, doing, and feeling?

Make your vision as emotional as possible by focusing upon those areas that will bring you the most joy and fulfillment. Remember to include as many others in your vision as possible.

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